Start With Your LES (Leave and Earnings Statement)

finances military Nov 17, 2019

Hello everyone!  

Get your financial education in FIVE minutes, put it into action and move along with something else. 

Check out this Facebook video I did sharing about all things LES (Leave and Earnings Statement):

In case you don’t know, FinLitMama is short for Financial Literacy Mama because I feel like your mom is the person that you go to with random life questions and I want to be that person for you when it comes to all of your financial questions.  

It is so important for everyone to review the income which they have, which for our military members means that dreaded LES. Your Leave and Earnings Statement.

Finance is not going to come around and check your LES to make sure that you are being paid correctly.  They are not going to make sure that your promotion went into effect or that you receive BAH after getting married. It is your pay, you have to take responsibility for it.  

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